Are you confused about the levels of documentation required to achieve compliance with health & safety legislation?

Do you need help in attaining the required legal compliance?


Have you got everything in place? For example:-

  • Health and Safety Policies / Procedures
  • Audits - Fire,  Health and Safety
  • Fire risk assessments /validation 
  • Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Requirements


We specialise in assisting businesses such as hospitals, care homes, medical centres, hotels, offices, pubs and clubs and manufacturing units etc who financially cannot afford their own full time Health and Safety Manager. We understand that achieving compliance with Health and Safety legislation can cause unwanted headaches for employers. Why not let us take that headache away by doing the work for you.

Having a safety management system in place helps protect you and your employees, it will reduce sickness and accidents, therefore less overtime cover and reduced production downtimes, resulting in increased profitability.

You maybe unsure as to whether the procedures you already have in place are actually up to date with the current legislation. This is where we can also help, after a visit from one of our Health & Safety Consultants where we will undertake a comprehensive audit and give you advice as to where you may have gaps in your safety management system. For more information on how we can help you just call us on 07928801773.

Keep your staff and visitors safe

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Our health & safety advisers are Chartered Members of   the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), and Tier 2 Fire risk assessors



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