Duties under CDM 2015

Posted on 14th March, 2023

Duties under the CDM 2015 Regulations



  • Manage the project and allocate sufficient time and resources throughout.
  • Provide Pre- Construction Plan information to all the designers and contractors involved.
  • Ensure the Construction Phase Plan is being developed by the Principal Contractor.
  • Ensure the H&S File is being drawn up by the Principal Designer.


Principal Designer.

  • Prepare the Health and Safety File.
  • Plan, manage and co-ordinate Health and Safety in the Pre-Construction Phase.
  • Assess and manage all risks & ensure all designers are performing their duties.
  • Provide all relevant information to all duty holders –especially contractors – to help them manage, monitor and co-ordinate H&S in the construction phase.



  • Try to avoid hazards and reduce risks through good design.
  • If there are risks then they should provide adequate information with design drawings and specifications.



Principal Contractor.


  • Manage Health and Safety in the Construction Phase
  • Prepare the Construction Phase Plan.
  • Ensure co-operation between all contractors.
  • Co-ordinate legal requirements for contractor health and safety.
  • Share Health and Safety information with the Principal Designer about the Pre-Construction Phase.
  • Ensure that staff are consulted in their Health and Safety.




  • Plan and Monitor all construction work under their control
  • Co-ordinate with others in the team.
  • Comply with directions given by the Principal Director or Principal Contractor.
  • Prepare a Construction phase plan for single contractor projects.
  • Ensure workers have the required skills knowledge and experience to ensure their own Health and Safety.
  • Ensure they have appropriate supervision instruction and training.


Pre – Construction Plan.

  • Provides Health and Safety information required by the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor to enable them to carry out their duties and to plan and manage the project.
  • Provides the basis to develop the Construction Phase Plan and the Health and Safety File.
  • Must be a live document that is relevant, detailed and proportionate to the risk levels.


Construction Phase Plan.

  • Sets out the arrangements for securing Health and Safety during construction.
  • Site Rules
  • Specific measures for specific risks
  • Drawn up during the pre-construction phase but before the construction site is set up.
  • Must hold the Pre - Construction Plan information and must be reviewed to ensure its effectiveness.


Health and Safety File.

Must hold:

  • Drawings and construction method details.
  • Equipment and maintenance facilities, procedures and manuals.
  • Details of all utilities, services, emergency and fire fighting systems.
  • Prepared by Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.
  • Regularly reviewed and passed to Client at handover.
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